About Me



I am an Oil and Gas product development innovation specialist with a demonstrated history of working and supervising financial management, business processes, disruptive technologies, sales, and forecasting. Being an experienced business leader, I have learned to drive a marketable concept to a profitable commercial product utilizing heuristic approach of problem solving and by exploiting my expertise in strategic planning, manufacturing, supply chain and operations.

I believe in problem solving over widget development. Many current products are legacy designs with modifications to make allow work in a manner that fits their application rather than evolving to a new generation. What I offer is not a consulting service. I have a method to systematically analyze the problem, and then develop a toolbox using resources available internally and externally to produce a portfolio of product solutions that raise the bar and move the needle on the P&L. The new products are considered a value in the markets they serve.  Customers may tell you what they want, sometimes with detailed specifications. Many cannot tell you what they would actually buy.

I’ve been fortunate to participate in some industry success stories. I witnessed the first composite cement retainers and plugs. I followed their path to success with an inside look on how and why it was successful. I moved to a small company with a new completion business unit built through acquisitions. With additional acquisitions and the addition of talented people the product portfolio grew into one of the largest services companies in the Industry with cutting edge new technologies. Through various roles in manufacturing and supply chain I was able to witness the development and commercialization process and understand what did work and what didn’t work.

I had the opportunity to take a patent from an outside inventor and build an alternative to the plug and perf process.  I spent a lot of time over several years with the inventor and his family while we tested various components at his farm in Missouri. The Inventor had several mainstream industry inventions. We discussed in detail how he conceived and developed his innovations. I was able to meet many of the people that contributed to the success of these products and discuss their experiences. It was an excellent master class for IP to commercialization.   We produced a good solution complete with EOR functions with multiple patents awarded to protect the product toolbox.

I also worked with some talented third party developers to build a toolbox for comprehensive intelligent completion solutions ranging from a deep set safety valve to interval control valves.  This included various communication and actuation solutions with patent protection.

I’m looking forward to applying this expertise to your needs. Feel free to contact me through Linkedin or kent@kholderdevelopment.com