Odessa College

Associate Degree in Applied Science

Associate Degree in Applied Science Odessa College Odessa, Texas


April 2020 to present


Kholder Development

Self employeed service to assist companies with advanced product development and assist with supply chain to support commercialization and profitability

  • Key Expectations
    • Work with a client on a solid organized concept
    • Assemble a team as needed consisting od internal and external resources.
    • Bench test and prove key components and valid concepts
    • FMEA with internal and industry key players as possible
    • Assemble a prototype candidate and test for final validation
    • Submit Candidate as prototype for commercial development

Provide supply chain support as necessary to commercialize

October 2011 to April 2020

Product Line Manager Safety Valves

Superior Energy Services

Focus is on Product Commercialization and revenue growth in the Safety Valve line. This product line came to Superior through the Baker/BJ merger. Superior Energy Services purchased some of the portions of the business Baker was required to divest in order to complete the acquition of BJ Services.


  • Key Expectations
    • Establish a solid market presence
    • Signifigant revenue and profit growth
    • Establish a solid Supply Chain
    • Identify Opportunties for new Safety Valve Product Line in the Global market
    • Manage Product Line lifecycle from strategic planning through tactical initiatives
    • Develop and implement marketing plans for the products
    • Identify opportunities to partner internally and externally to expand market share
  • Accomplishments
    • 64% cost reduction over four years
    • 400% increase in sales over 7 years.
    • Modernized support sytems to improve reliability and increase productivity
    • Began design on the second generation core product
    • Special projects for advanced game changing products
    • Developed concept for Deep Set Safety valve

7 total issued patents

June 2011 to August 2011

CEO/General Manager

Jet Oil Tools, LLC

Startup company funded by sole proprietors that had grown business to the full extend they could manage. . The startup halted after twelve weeks due to cash flow issues in the owners primary business.

The goal was to move manufacturing from existing businesses and supply product from a new internal company using modern systems and proven supply chain practices.   The new company would also sell select products wholesale to competitors. First year revenue potential was 24-28 million


  • Key Expectations
    • Mange 15 employees including design engineers, warehouse, assembly, and accounting
    • Select an ERP system
    • Implement a Customer focused Supply Chain to handle the rigors of tough result oriented entrepreneurs
    • Transition current process and vendors to modern supply chain methods without increase in cost
    • Determine total organizational needs
    • Transition key employees into a high performing team
    • Implement Sales and Operations Planning
    • Optimize the Supply Chain
    • Focused product development and commercialization for standard wholesale completion products

May 2009 to May 2011

Manufacturing Manager

Packers Plus Energy Services US

Edmonton Canada supplied all products for Packers Plus globally. My task was to bring manufacturing to the US and put a business process in place similar to Edmonton, help implement a new ERP system, and set up a functional manufacturing team that could be scaled up to meet growing demand for product in the US. Cost must be comparable to Edmonton costs with a reliable and flexible supplier base able to meet high delivery standards and quality expectations. Full Pand L responsibility for manufacturing in the US


  • Achievements
    • Managed 5-14 employees inclusing planners, purchasing, warehouse, and assembly
    • Grew shipments from 0 to 50 million dollars in two years
    • Built a high performing team that continued to function after my departure.
    • Planned ramp up to 60-70 million by Q1 of 2012
    • Developed machine vendor base to meet the needs of the US approved product list
    • Rotated suppliers in and out of the vendor base that better fit the organizational goals as product list grew
    • Developed relationships with outside process vendors in a manner where response and costing were in line with expectations.
    • Developed top level and detailed business process flowcharts
    • Hired key personnel and trained them on the process
    • Fine tuned process flowcharts to fit the strength and capabilities of the key employees

Trained planning team in the areas of forecasting and MRP planning

May 1997 to May 2009 | January 2005 to May 2009

Premium Supply Chain Manager

Weatherford Completion Systems

The Completion System s products were divided into commodity and premium lines. The premium side was a high mix low volume that grew from 25% of the revenue to 60% of the revenue over a 3 year period. Much of the revenue gain came from new product development and commercialization. This required close work with Product Line, Engineering, and manufacturing groups.  In 2006 primary manufacturing moved from Huntsville to Houston. Huntsville was heavy internal machine tool manufacturing with 20%-30% outsourced. The facility in Houston was 100% outsourced manufacturing. My role was to move the planning and transition the manufacturing process. I hired and trained the group then moved into full time supply chain management. None of the personnel from Huntsville made the move to Houston.

  • Accomplishments
    • Managed central planning group with 8 employees
    • Shipments improved from 2.5 million per month 4 million per month
    • Improved on-time deliveries on large tender orders by 40%.
    • Reduced time to market on key new product introductions with fast tracked deliveries and strategic inventory placement.
  • Key Areas of influence
    • Forecasting and Capacity Management
      • Developed Sales and Operations Planning approach to forecasting
      • Worked with 11 product Lines and over 160 Product categories
        • Organized the products into families
        • Worked with Product Line Managers on future product demand and excess stock
        • Set up service levels on products and make top stock quantities based on expected use.
      • Worked with 5 Premium Supply Plants globally on rough cut capacity and high value project order management.
    • Inventory Control
      • Used the product families to determine substituting in place of new build
      • Worked with corporate supply chain on reports and techniques to reduce inventory and lead times
      • Classified all inventory by movement type and loaded into system
      • Product rationalization to reduce variation
    • Process and systems
      • Worked with internal JD Edwards champions on tools to support the supply chain
        • Planners work bench for order approval and date management of orders
        • Work bench branch plant for analyzing impact of forecast and large tender wins.
        • Inventory by planning family with inventory type
          • Easy to locate existing inventory that was available to substitute in place of building new
          • Easy to more inventory between classifications
          • Dramatic improvement in visibility

February 2003 to January 2005

Manufacturing Manager

Weatherford Direct

Opened a new facility in Huntsville to support Weatherford Direct Sales business.

  • Achievements
    • Co-wrote the business plan for Weatherford Direct
    • Opened a new facility and managed 12 employess inclusing application engineers, warehouse, assembly, and purchasing
    • Increased revenue for Direct Sales from 15 million per year to 50 million per year.
    • Reduced Inventory by 5 million dollars over a two year period.
    • Developed tools to use excess and slow moving inventory for delivery inside lead time
    • Developed two way communications between Direct Sales, Region support and end customers with focus on using existing inventory to provide a customer solution inside published lead-time.

May 1999 to February 2003

Customer and Technical Support Manager

Weatherford Completion Systems Huntsville Texas

Moved into manufacturing in 1999 to gain experience and help with cost and delivery issues in the plant. Over the next two years costs became manageable and delivery much more reliable. The backlogs grew dramatically with the exceptional growth of Weatherford Completion Systems.

  • Accomplishments
    • Managed 20 employess inclusing technical, planning, warehouse, and assembly
    • Implemented a Customer Focused business process that resulted in a 30% improvement in on-time delivery
    • Implemented strategic scheduling meetings that established collaboration with key groups in the plant. Improved communication lead to better delivery performance.
    • Worked with corporate planning group to implement finite capacity scheduling system.
    • Reduced cost up to 20% on key items using forecasting and minimum order techniques.
    • Worked with Corporate Marketing to improved technical documentation

May 1997 to May 1999

Region Manager

Mid-Continent and Gulf Coast

Directed and implemented strategic growth plans that expanded completion and service operations to select markets in the region. May 1998 developed and implemented strategic growth plan for the Gulf Coast area.

  • Accomplishments
  • Managed 5 districts with 30-35 total employess
  • Achieved P and L expectations
  • Opened three new locations in strategic areas
  • Improved Operational Excellence through focused training with Field Service Employees

August 1977 to May 1997

Halliburton Energy Services

  • Midland Division Office
    • 2 years-PSL Operations Manager  Permian Basin
      • P and L responsibility
      • 4 direct reports 75-125 people inclusing PSLsite manager, tool operators, warehouse and assembly.
    • 3 years- Division Tool, Testing, TCP Supt. Permian Basin/South Texas
      • 6 Direct reports 80-90 indirect reports
      • Performed Well Test Analysis
      • Developed field products in TRE in Duncan OK
  • Odessa District Office(after three locations closed)
    • 1 year- District Tools and Testing Supt Odessa Texas
      • P and L responsibility
      • 31 direct reports
  • Andrews District Office
    • 9 years- Field Supervisor Cementing, Stimulation, and Special Tools
      • Special Assigment- Exxon Means CO2 project 500 well program
    • 5 years- Tool man, Cementer, Treater Equipment Operator Andrews Texas


Halliburton Accomplishments:

  • Author of SPE technical papers

1) Wireless Telemetry for Transmitting Pressure and Temperature Data on a Drill stem Test

(SPE 35241). (Selected to be published in SPE Drilling and Completions Journal)


2) Real-Time Analysis on a Drill Stem Test using Wireless Telemetry (Presented at the       Southwestern Petroleum Short course in Lubbock Texas 4-1-97).


  • Implemented wireless telemetry for Open Hole testing with real time analysis in the Permian Basin
  • Presented SPE papers at the Midland Texas, Amarillo Texas and Columbus, Ohio conferences in 1996.
  • Developed and implemented database system to capture case histories and measure performance in strategic alliances.
  • Integrated service and production tool service lines in the Permian Basin while HES.
  • Implemented Electronic Memory Recorder and PC Based Reports for well testing for HES in the Permian Basin.
  • Member of the Halliburton Fasdrill Marketing and Commercialization Team.
  • Involved with organizing alliances with Mobil, Phillips, Exxon, Texaco, Marathon, Santa Fe and Wiser Oil Company.