Investment Opportunity

KHolder Development is looking for investors. The industry downturn, pandemic, and change in energy strategy makes it almost impossible to secure funding through traditional sources. The company has engaged a private capital group for adequate startup capital. The progress slowed after the 2020 election, especially future tax implications for investors. The funding will be used to build a patent portfolio that serves as a base for protected product development.

The founder developed patents associated with shale completion prior to founding KHD. The priority is funding to purchase and secure the patents. The Company filed a non-provisional patent in 2020. Funds are needed for legal fees to properly support the patent application. We also have a continuation to file on this patent.

invest with kholder development

The new patent supports the purchased patents and increases the value of the portfolio. The second priority is funding to provide a facility, people, and equipment to develop and produce products. We need operating capital to start the business.

If you have an interest funding the company reach out through the contact section of the site or email our founder at A meeting will be required to discuss the current progress and situation and make sure you understand the risk and upside potential. We request a minimum investment of $10,000 for class A voting shares at a set price.