About Kholder Development

Kholder Development was founded in May of 2020 as a Product Development and Commercialization business located in the Greater Houston Area. We provide expertise with advanced completion technologies that support the production of Oil and Gas. The company will offer a path to innovative products and solutions for small to medium size service companies. The intent is to make it easier for smaller companies to gain access talented individuals and develop advanced technologies to that will increase their revenue. The company seeks opportunities and intellectual property to build a toolbox of saleable products to promote startup.

KHD will also offer products and services to support the global oil and gas completions market. These products will improve process efficiencies and methodology that safely and effectively improve oil and gas production. The company will purchase, test, and develop the patented technologies to improve production in the oil and gas industry. We feel there are abandoned projects and technologies that may be purchased at a deep discount. There is an abundance of highly experienced people available.

We will also patent and develop next generation products internally that support the current ESG initiatives. The company focus is development and testing of electronics, actuation, data collection, and telemetry systems associated with advanced completion and production