Management Team

Kent Holder is the founder of KHD. He has a long history the Oil and Gas service industry. His focus is product development and new game changing technologies that raise the bar in the industry. He understands how to identify and drive a marketable concept to a profitable commercial product through advanced problem solving and exploiting his expertise with Engineering, Strategic Planning, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Product Management, and front-line operations. Many current products are legacy designs modified to fit their application rather than evolving to a new generation.
Kent Holder

We have a method to systematically analyze the problem, and then develop a toolbox using resources available internally and externally to produce a portfolio of product solutions that raise the bar and move the needle on the P&L. The new products are considered a value in the markets they serve.

Mr. Holder was fortunate to participate in some industry success stories and work with some great inventors. He has worked with third party developers, including a National Lab, to advance technology and mold it into profitable products. He is looking forward to applying this expertise to the industry. Kent started his career in the Permian Basin with Halliburton Energy Services. He also held positions with Weatherford, Packers Plus, and Superior Energy Services. His experience includes positions in front line field operations and operations management, manufacturing, supply chain, and product development.

Mr. Holder serves KHD as President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. Feel free to contact him through LinkedIn or