Management Team

Kent Holder is the founder of KHD. He has a long history the Oil and Gas service industry. His focus is product development and new game changing technologies that raise the bar in the industry. He understands how to identify and drive a marketable concept to a profitable commercial product through advanced problem solving and exploiting his expertise with Engineering, Strategic Planning, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Product Management, and front-line operations. Many current products are legacy designs modified to fit their application rather than evolving to a new generation.
Kent Holder

We have a method to systematically analyze the problem, and then develop a toolbox using resources available internally and externally to produce a portfolio of product solutions that raise the bar and move the needle on the P&L. The new products are considered a value in the markets they serve.

Mr. Holder was fortunate to participate in some industry success stories and work with some great inventors. He has worked with third party developers, including a National Lab, to advance technology and mold it into profitable products. He is looking forward to applying this expertise to the industry. Kent started his career in the Permian Basin with Halliburton Energy Services. He also held positions with Weatherford, Packers Plus, and Superior Energy Services. His experience includes positions in front line field operations and operations management, manufacturing, supply chain, and product development.

Mr. Holder serves KHD as President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. Feel free to contact him through LinkedIn or

Iain Greenan

Iain Greenan started his career in Oil and Gas service industry in 2000 on a hydraulic fracturing crew for Halliburton in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. After working on a service rig for Bonus Well Servicing he enrolled at Carleton University where he completed his Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical in 2005. In 2007 Swelltec in Aberdeen Scotland hired him to focus on testing for swellable packers. In 2008 with the acquisition of Swelltec by Weatherford he relocated to Houston where he was the focal point for global applications for Swellables. He was also involved with developing multistage completions products including several patents. He spent a brief but fruitful tenure with TAM International as the senior Technical Advisor for swellables and also developed several patents including the winner of the Hart Energy Special Meritorious Engineering Award for 2016. 

Prior to Kholder Development he was the Global Product Line Manager for Multi Stage Completions with Superior Completion Services. During his time with Superior there was a deeper focus on developing solutions to the industries demands, he was also promoted to managing the sales and service personnel along with P&L responsibility for the US Land market.

Iain has a demonstrated ability to work across disciplines with Engineering, Legal, HSE, accounting, and supply chain to find the most effective path forward. He has also served on industry standards including leading the final writing of the AWES Open Hole Zonal Isolation recommended practice which led on to becoming a voting member of the API 19OH standards, as well as writing and presenting several SPE papers. He believes strongly in core values including Integrity, Responsibility, Respect, Honesty and Safety.

Mr. Greenan serves KHD as Vice President, and a member of the Board of Directors. Feel free to contact him through LinkedIn or